​​Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What tools do you use to train?
    We don't limit ourselves or the dog's learning by limiting our toolbox. We use what your dog needs and what you're comfortable with. That includes a wide range from treats to remote training collars to haltis to prong collars and everything in between. We want to see your dog succeed.
  2. Is my dog to old, stubborn, set in his ways to learn?
    No! We train all ages and I personally believe that older dogs need mental stimulation to keep them young.
  3. What age should we start training?
    Right away! For puppies 8-14 weeks we offer a puppy preschool and an online puppy course option. 4 months and older are eligible for private lessons and 6 months and older for board and trains. But don't wait! It's critical to start training young!
  4. Do you offer payment plans?
    We don't currently. However paypal offers a great 6 month no interest payment plan option that many of our clients have used to great success.
  5. Do you offer free advice?
    We have tons of tips, tricks and videos full of advice on our facebook, instagram and youtube pages.
  6. Do I need to continue working with my dog after a bootcamp program?
    Yes! ​Think of a board and train like you are hiring a fitness coach to live with you. They give you the tools to get you into shape, as well as methods for eating and exercising right, then after 3 weeks you head home. Now you've got the body you want and you can choose to either continue to eat and exercise healthily or go back to consuming fast food and sitting around. Bootcamp is the same idea for your dog; you need to continue the training at home until it becomes second nature for you and your dog.
  7. Do E-collars shock my dog?
    No! Low level e-collar training is state of the art in its ability to communicate with your dog. It's as far removed from the shock collars of old as the first cellphone is to the iphone today. Used appropriately, it's the safest tool to use for training.
  8. Will my dog rely on food to obey?
    No. We use food in our initial training to teach behaviors and encourage engagement. We phase this out of the picture as your dog begins to enjoy working with you. Your dog shouldn't need a treat to comply with your commands.
  9. Which program should I do?
    We offer a free phone consultation with our trainer, Viktoria, who will listen to your goals and the challenges you're struggling with and will help guide you to which program is the best fit.
  10. How much does training cost?
    Our programs are listed with pricing available under the programs tab. Please look through our available programs before filling out our contact form.
  11. Do you offer a guarantee?
    No. Dogs are living breathing creatures and we cannot guarantee their responses. We can however tell you that we have a large family of happy clients that have seen great progress following our training programs.
  12. Will my dog's personality change?
    Our training helps bring out the best in your dog while stopping the behaviors you're not fond of. The things you like will be around to stay and get the chance to flourish.
  13. What is remote collar training?
    It's using a low level tap to gain your dog's attention either to request a behavior from them or to distract them from continuing an activity they should not be pursuing. Every client feels the collar before using it on their dogs and say it feels like a tickle. Remote collars are as far removed from shock collars as the first cell phones are to iphones. Your dog should not be afraid or in pain, but actually happy to see the collar and do the work.
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