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Board and Trains are perfect for owners with busy schedules needing a jumpstart with their dog. 

After you've gotten a chance to look over our programs, just fill out our contact form and we'll get back with you via email to set up a free phone consultation with our head trainer, Viktoria. She will be happy to assist you in determining which program will see the best results for you. 

Tip Top Canine - Board & Train Boot Camp

If you dream of having on and off leash control with your dog, then our bootcamp may be for you. With our BT program your dog gets to live with our trainer 24/7. This allows for a learning environment facing the same challenges that they do at home. They will learn manners while she cooks dinner, socialize with her pack, go on walks through the neighborhood and the added bonus of a vet clinic in our backyard, they'll get the distraction of many dogs and cats.

On top of on and off-leash obedience, your dog will be learning how to be a calm polite member of the family. We want the relationship to be a happy healthy one to give you the most enjoyment out of your dog. Through state of the art gentle remote collar training, we create a line of communication for you to continue at home.

What is remote collar training? It's using a low level tap to gain your dog's attention either to request a behavior from them or to distract them from continueing an activity they should not be pursueing. Every client feels the collar before using it on their dogs and say it feels like a tickle. Remote collars are as far removed from shock collars as the first cell phones are to iphones. Your dog should not be afraid or in pain, but actually happy to see the collar and do the work. The wonderful thing about this method is the ease of transfer from trainer to owner. Expect an excellent companion that has found a cheerful outlook on life.

Bootcamp allows our trainer to establish structure and clarity for you to implement smoothly into your home life. We give you a boosted headstart working through the early struggles of teaching a new command and addressing problem behavior. Tailored to your dog's pace, we customize each day to best fit their needs and learning style. Our trainer is able to dedicate several hours a day to your dogs learning and they learn directly from someone who has worked with numerous dogs, with the same challenges, allowing for fast results. 

We're there every step of the way to help make this a smooth transition into a new lifestyle for your family. 

Boot Camp is well suited for those looking for a cheery companion eager to follow their leadership.

  • Your dog lives in our trainers home 24/7 (Not a loud stressful kennel)
  • Real world training being treated as one of our trainer's own pack and exposed to life's regular distractions.
  • Fun social play learning with our pack in a 6ft fenced in area
  • Behavior modification of common (jumping, barking, pulling, etc.) and more extreme challenges (reactivity, anxiety)
  • Solid foundational obedience and off leash communication with remote collar  (Sit, Down, Place, Come, Stay, Heel (Loose leash walking) )
  • We never take more than 2 bootcamp dogs at a time so your dog gets plenty of one on one
  • 2 hour go home lesson to transfer your dogs new skills to you
  • Bonus follow up sessions to make sure everything transfers smoothly


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Your dog will live with our trainer like one of her own 

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